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alexandra sonsino, friend, fellow lift 06 attendant and canadian citizen, has found her way to delhi for doors of perception 9. over at tasty thinking, food for thought and thoughts about food, alex and Dave Chiu are live blogging and have captured some interesting notes...

Hannu Niemien, Nokia - "The one planet economy will one day look like the internet. We will be able to have personal windmills and be able to sell the excess back to the network, its an internet-like energy architecture. Music delivery allows a direct link between the consumer and the producer of music and micro-networks get organized and bypass structures that exist now."

However nothing can replace face 2 face comms and even if we have the greatest communications, we still travel more and more instead of less. The perception hasn't been changing and we don’t see any good reason why we should not travel. Are the environment challenges enough to change this? "

Debra Solomon, artist, who's talking about "editable" architecture projects.

Sanjeez Shankar & John Vijay Abraham - Udipi, family run restaurants, where for 15 rupess you get all the rice and locally grown vegetables you can eat. Not to mention, the wait staff are all "freelancers" who get housing and food as part of their agreement to work.

André Viljoen, architect, researching urban farms in Cuba.

Naresh Narasimhan, the future of sewage?

Jimmy Wales, "Participatory: we should bring together W with other partnerships with trust networks to the problem of serach. Any propritary system limits the debate and we need to find new ways to find ways to search on the internet."

Alex Shaffen, "Everything needs to change. We inherited a broken future. We are living in the middle of an ecological nightmare. It’s affecting our everyday life. We’re stetching nature to the limit. We are now on global overshoot."

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Lo7 is all drupal! The wiki is now converted...

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after a few days of kicking and thinking, i've finally converted to a full drupal site. the last portion was the wiki.

i bet you're now wondering, who gives a rats. i'm not a programmer, so i do! for the past year, i've worked very closely helping foster the NYC Drupal community by hosting DrupalCamp One & Two. when i'm out and about in the NYC tech community and someone says "drupal sucks," on average spend 10 mins defending the project and reinforcing the fact that Drupal is like a chassis, you can do what ever you want with it. like every other tool, you need to know how to use it. the luck of seven is another point of reenforcement that you can build a well endowed drupal site without a hint of custom programing code.

currently, i am using the following stock drupal modules..

akismet - spam blocking

spam - also for spam blocking

image - thumbnails for videos

video - to ecapulate uploaded video in the rss feed

pathauto - to give nodes a sexy name

pearwiki - wikimedia engine for wiki page edits

wikitools - for wikiesque nodes

poormanscron - 'cause i'm too lame to figure out cron jobs

smileys - cause i think they are cute

original post - i'm in the process of taking down the wiki so i can move everything into a drupal styled wiki.

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war what is it good for???

the notion of a green war or a green army is foreign from today's depleted uranium tipped armaments and HUMMVEE's trolling the land scape, but the notion shouldn't be to far than the general nature of napoleon's art of war. granted we are still talking about the art of death, but as "developed nations" (quotes of irony) move to make force deployments nibbler, there should be investment in technologies that save resources. when you save deployment resources you save lives.

just think of all the money that's been used to develop new war capabilities. from tang, the space program to the internet, these are all residuals of a modern war machine. if the general premise is peace, and war is an actual last resort. then, eventually we should develop technologies to decrease casualties... i really don't think you can argue with the concepts of green jet fuel; lighter yet more durable materials to withstand impact, and hybrid heavy trucks. it is time we think different and start to reinvent every element of our society to be more green.

once we start, then i think we just might be living up to the title of a "developed nation."

articles of note...

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working on the drupal...

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as some of you may know, i'm really a huge fan of drupal. if you haven't heard of drupal, it's an open-souce content management system. ok, so what does that mean? well imagine a chassis that's designed to go anywhere, do anything and have as many accouterments as possible.

since the release of Drupal 5.1, which i'll be upgrading to today, i've decided that it's time to think about the architecture of this site and see how many things i can utilize within the Drupal framework. most importantly is the wiki, which should be the most interesting (wikitools & pearwiki filter)... additionally, i'm also looking to add a countdown clock, pathauto (no more /node/232), Send and Mime Mail (a tell a friend feature), a notify feature, international pirate day translations, smileys ( those happy faces ) and i'll be rethinking the blocks on the right. why? cause photojojo is so hot!

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add four more books to your reading list....

if you are happy and you know it clap your hands....
if you are unhappy and you know it read a book...

i have been a long time proponent of self-educaiton. well after high school, i just kept on reading... and some how stumbled upon this link

the list of books is great, but questionable... frankly there's not technological books, nor books on decentralized empowerment and networks... so, if you have the time, please leave a comment on what would be your reading list for radicals.

mine, you've heard them before and you'll hear them again...

a poem

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i like the way you think. let's become a rink and collect all those who think. we could make a stink telling the fortune of those who think. what do you think?

just or background, a friend made me think of those words... i'm really not trying to be some great poet; i'm just trying to move some thoughts in my head...

Luck of Seven in 125 words for Smith Magazine

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The world is an ever evolving place. Born in California to Puerto Rican US Air Force Officers, raised in the corn fields of Beavercreek, Ohio comes Noel Hidalgo. On 7 July 2007, Noel will depart from the streets of New York City, and set off on a seven month journey around the world to explore seven contents, dive into the seven oceans, and visit the seven ancient wonders of the world. His journey will be your journey. By donating US$11.11 you can help direct his footsteps. Donate today and help the world learn about open-source communities, social entrepreneurs and global change. Though the thick and thin, he will diary his conversations, photograph the world, and record your interactions with the luck of seven.

written for Smith Magazine; photo by whurley.

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flickr, best of show

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while whurley kicked some early flickr click... leungski now takes the cake with this lovely photo of a "beef pizzel." btw, i think the store clerk may have been a bit too happy when doing the labeling... it's not pizzel, but pizzle.

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a seventh of the way!!!

20 Feb 2007, at 1.01pm EST, Peter Deitz, a fellow couchsurfer, activist and new yorker (albeit now in montreal), placed me over the US$1,000 mark!

What's quite interesting is that Peter and I met on the notion that I could build a few Drupal sites for a client of his. What it is also interesting is that Peter Deitz is embarking on a "full time preoccupation" with peer to peer banking/micro-financeing/micro philantrhopy. After spending a few years working with the World Federalist Movement, Peter was stuck by the lack of sites that aggregate data on micro-philanthropy. So what does any good person do? Start up their own site...

In February 2007, Peter founded First-of-its-kind, aka foik. Check out Lo7's foik entry!

I'd also like to thank Dinah Sanders for her donation!

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22 and going around the world on a motorcycle

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in 2005, Gionata Nencini started his journey with $2200 in his pocket, then he hopped on his BMW motorcycle to discover the world. as any good fun loving twentysomthing or maybe more like any good italian, he not only has a page of nudes of himself but also a page dedicated to the women he's "loved."

outrageous as it might be, there are countless people traveling around the world who are always looking for places to crash. if you're hospitable and looking for a change of pace, check out

in the past week he's been on youtube, partireperit uploaded 243 clips... below are the two summaries of 2005 and 2006.



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brooklyn coworking in the greenpoint star

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"First and foremost, this is about communication and conversation, and building relationships," he said. "When you're freelancing, you don't have those opportunities when you're working out of the house."

However, the space suits its current users nicely. "Some people want a shared cubicle, while some want to work out of a cafe," Hidalgo said. "But for the work that we do, we want to have something more private. Also, we enjoy each other's company." download pdf'ed article

looks like our brooklyn coworking space received a bit of press in the greenpoint star / queens ledger. i'm shocked at the numerous quotations, i think this is the first time that i'm not made out to look like an idiot. then again, this is the first time i'm not interviewed with an alcoholic beverage in my hand.

speaking of interviews, tomorrow, i'm going to meet with heath row, fellow "coworker" and currently a reporter for fast company. maybe, i'll turn the tables and do an interview on his Roadshow. back in 2002, with sponsorship from Volkswagen and fast company, heath hit the road, "stayed with members of the readers' network in their homes, met with local business leaders and innovators, visited fast companies, and participated in local CoF events, documenting it all by filing frequent real-time reports in the Roadshow Diaries." i can't wait to see if other publications follow in his foot steps.

ps - if you're not sure on setting up a full blown coworking space, check out jelly nyc. jelly was coined by amit gupta, and for the past year has held coworking sessions in his house.

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back in nyc

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sorry for not posting sooner, but my last few days in geneva were mired with crazy weefee (how the french pronounce wifi) and dns issues that precluded me from posting. right now, i'm back in greenpoint, bklyn, laying in my bed two seconds from passing out.

i'll keep this brief and tomorrow give you a lovely little story. though i can not over state that the conversations in Switzerland are leading me down a new road of discovery. in the meantime, check out my comments from the first day at lift.

thanks to our most recent donor! Heath Row

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more photos, no sleep and...

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it's 2.50 in the morning before lift. i have to be up at 7 and i can't sleep. thank goodness it's taking forever for flickr to load my photos, otherwise i'd be laying here tussling, envying my hostel's mates ability to sleep. what's this?!?! our third hostel mate just arrived... an asian american just walked in, but now he's walking right back out... wtf!

for obvious and not so obvious, i can't seem to get blondie's "dreaming" out of my head... (lyrics)

i wish i could take a page from mickipedia, my 37th donor, and wax poetically about the weather. ok, the weather... since my last serious relationship, every woman envelops me in a thick fog, accidents happen and then one of us departs once the sun is out. i'm starting to think that somehow i've succumbed to what micki calls "open-source dating" or "8 ways to stay single."

yet, these are her prescriptions to heart break, and to me they are results of a desire to find the perfect one... if that day has passed or if that day is in the future, how will i know? have i locked away my heart from pain or the potential for pain? does one follow the dogma of movies and break off all relationships only to regret every chance encounter?

with valentines day just a week away, how can one mend but not feel vulnerable?

ps - maybe instead of blaming "them," i should blame my self and admit that i am a fog - i'm thick, cause many accidents, and depart when the sun is out.

finally, photos!!!

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i've finally found a high speed internet connection and have uploaded two sets.

thank you donors!

  • Laurent Haug
  • Lou Klepner
  • John Bachir
  • Jennifer Wagnon
  • Kristofor Swanson

the true power of the wealth of networks

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a funny thing happened to me last night...

first, for all mac users don't even think about purchasing a samsung SC-X210L digital camcorder. those suckers use a special AVI codec that is damn near impossible to find decoders. too boot, they are piss poor in low light situations. instead of me finding a good camcorder, i'm going to just use my little pocket point and shoot and a voice recorder. i'm not adverse to using something new, i just find my self able to produce better shots. while sound isn't top notch, noise and sound tend to time shift around me.... more to come later...

while on yesterday's voyage, i met up with my old friend, lucia rollow. we traded our most recent stories while i reviewed head shots she took of me. sitting together, i tweaked. no, it wasn't some drug nor was it a hang over. instead, i was tweaking out on a cup of joe, from a cup of joe. oh lord how i was tweaking. shaking, shivering, and some what unconversational, i found some tea that suited my biochemistry a bit better.

after burning through the itch, i headed to paragon sports to find the cheapest/cold-rated sleeping bag i could find. after a 5 min reorientation with in the store, apparently the owner loves flamboyant colors and the place is always changing, i found my self in the exact same tiny-ass room, where i picked up my camel pack and the same room where my brother picked up his Timbuktu laptop/currier bag.

new york city stores are funny. sometimes you walk into a place and find a sales assistant quickly, other times you have to spar with an attendant to find the right attendant. sex, affluence, prejudge all are factors. don't be insulted, it's part of the game. after a quick discussion on who would help me, and a quicker discussion on what's on sale, adam (the third recommended assistant) cranked out a woman's sleeping bag for US$71 and he tossed in a $5 stuff sack. so apparently, this sales attendant got into a tussle with a baseball bat and his best friend.... he really didn't mind that i was purchasing a woman's light blue sleeping bag, so i didn't inquire about his propensity to get his ass kicked.

some how, instead of heading to drop off my gear, i ended up at Spuyten Duyvil. as the weather turned from humidly cold to pissing rain, i sat in at the Duyvil shooting the shit with my friends. floored in rickety wood, yellow walls, and a red tin roof, i've called the Duyvil my second home. i love the place so much, when it came time to open up a coworking space, i petition beka, from not an alternative, really hard. with a non-stop assortment of unique beers from around the world and one of the best set of taps in America, beka, who lives and works across the street, loved the idea.

low and behold, at 6pm i found my self sharing a cheese plate with beka and eric, my coworkers. in tow, drayton heirs. ironically, drayton (rimes with layton or if you're from my past, dayton) is a nick name. apparently a bad nickname that stuck like glue. sound familiar funny? what's more funny?

drayton, beka, eric and i had a long chat about the history of environmental capitalism and our mutual connections. beka and drayton first met in 2004 in the mits of the north brooklyn redevelopment debate (greenpoint / willamsburg). over the years, beka and drayton have reconnected in brooklyn and amsterdam. on his way back from Switzerland, and on his way to LA, he decided to drop by brooklyn for a bit of R and R.

while most would think this is just some boring ass story of two damn world traveling hipsters, this is where it gets weird. when we were first introduced, we couldn't pronounce each other's names. on the way, out i had to cow out of their invite to manhattan. my excuse, i'm leaving for geneva... inevitably there is the question of why... and i lay into my lift spiel...

"i'm going back to geneva to help host the best damn european technology conference; lift!"

to be honest, i've never really seen a light bulb pop up over someone's head. standing in front of me, drayton's head nearly exploded with the question, "do you know a guy name noel?"

i chuckle, and then ponder, is there another noel in nyc going from new york. cause if so, OMG! now that's weird! as my head quickly swells to deal with the complex question of two noels from new york heading to lift, drayton brings up and a post to one of the more elusive CS groups. apparently, before meeting up with beka, drayton sent me a message inquiring about a currency exchange. with 20-30 franks in his wallet, and a desire not to see a changing agent. we quickly negotiated an exchange and eliminated any notion of a second noel from nyc heading to lift.

now that i'm in geneva... it's only going to get better...

btw, flickr photos are coming soon... the wifi here at the hotel is too slow for me to upload them.

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