breaking through USD $3,000!!!

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with 5 weeks to go, your donations have just placed me trough the $3,000 mark!

just to forwarn you all, i'm sending out a special message to all donors tomorrow. if you haven't joined the club of seven, i hope you take a chance and join today. ;)

welcome to the club

Very good!
I want to see you on the road! Good voyage.

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on the luck of seven was an open-source, around the world project by noel hidalgo, a new york city based activist, organizer, barcamper and coworker.

for seven months, he traversed the globe. using a new media voodo (blog, vlog, wiki, flickr, couchsurfing, twitter, myspace, dopplr, and facebook), noneck harnessed the collective knowledge of the internet, and report on seven topics of freedom. this trip was funded by 253 people and supported, house, fed, and loved by countless others.

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