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"First and foremost, this is about communication and conversation, and building relationships," he said. "When you're freelancing, you don't have those opportunities when you're working out of the house."

However, the space suits its current users nicely. "Some people want a shared cubicle, while some want to work out of a cafe," Hidalgo said. "But for the work that we do, we want to have something more private. Also, we enjoy each other's company." download pdf'ed article

looks like our brooklyn coworking space received a bit of press in the greenpoint star / queens ledger. i'm shocked at the numerous quotations, i think this is the first time that i'm not made out to look like an idiot. then again, this is the first time i'm not interviewed with an alcoholic beverage in my hand.

speaking of interviews, tomorrow, i'm going to meet with heath row, fellow "coworker" and currently a reporter for fast company. maybe, i'll turn the tables and do an interview on his Roadshow. back in 2002, with sponsorship from Volkswagen and fast company, heath hit the road, "stayed with members of the readers' network in their homes, met with local business leaders and innovators, visited fast companies, and participated in local CoF events, documenting it all by filing frequent real-time reports in the Roadshow Diaries." i can't wait to see if other publications follow in his foot steps.

ps - if you're not sure on setting up a full blown coworking space, check out jelly nyc. jelly was coined by amit gupta, and for the past year has held coworking sessions in his house.

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Dude, you can check my Roadshow diaries at

The near-blogs aren't well-linked, and they're not pretty at this point -- no Cederholm redesigns apply -- but the knowledge is there.

Let me know what you need, and I'm there!

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