day 185/186. the last two days or how i'm starting to look for a job.

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the sunset

the past two days contain three ingredients - 1 tablespoon of all day encoding and editing - 1 750 cml of Argentinean wine - 2/3 victory in backgammon. as i sit, edit, and play, i am working hard to catch up on video editing. even after my scratch drive reformat, it seems that i'm filling 200 gig drives faster than i can "zadi snap" my fingers. through it all, i'm catching up on emails and poking around online for brazilian contacts.

painfully, the next few videos are more emotional than i've expected. i never would have thought that at the end of the world i would tear my soul and pour on to tape the uncertainty of life.

as my last month spins, i am at a very important crossroad. this is more important than when i started. (which you will see in two videos from now...) not only am i looking to complete the goals that i set out 12 months ago, but i am now in need of employment and shelter from the storm of poverty. my credit card bills have piled up. my roommate emailed me that my sub-let is moving out and nether she nor i can afford the apartment on our own.

while the head hits the tape, i see a few options. as an election year, i can turn to the old guard and seek my thirst on the campaign trail, OR i can do something REALLY crazy. this craziness involves turning the sum of the past 12 months, the tools and hard lessons learned into something that empowers others to do the same.

i have one simple crux. i see an intertwined world of overwhelming complexity. i see issues, arguments, problems, and overlapping thoughts. at the same time, i do not see myself cutting out one issue to fill my fix of empowering others. i do not see a single singularity, nor do i have the funds to continue. i must not give up on helping others to make our world a better place, but i must also find employment.

i've been looking at executive level positions with witness and league of young voters, but i need more options than just these two. if you know of any jobs that could use a suave boy like me, please send out a contact... my ears are open.

ps - flickr photos from day 185 & 186.

Read their disclaimer and you will see that they don't discriminate based on ability. He has a shot. Haaaa haaaaa!

LYV and LYVEF are equal opportunity employers. We do not discriminate in employment against persons based on color, race, religion, age, ability, gender, familial status, sexual orientation, national origin, veteran or marital status. People of all genders, backgrounds, orientations, and senses of humor are encouraged to apply.

Noel, are you *qualified* to ED an advocacy organization with a multi million dollar budget?

In other words, if I sat on the board of a non-profit with a $4 million budget you'd really have to convince me to put you in charge of it.

well i'm not a hillary clinton and state that i'll know how to operate the red phone on day one, but i will say that i have the heart to build a multi-million dollar organization... i know that you're referring to witness (per our AIM) and i will say "sure, test me..." i might not be qualified at this very moment, but my heart is not about money... it's about outreach.

i know that there are things that the league and witness can do better... i have a vision that will never read "mission accomplished." i know that if these two organizations are looking to be leaders in the 21st century, they require leaders who can bring organizations with solid foundations into a new world that branches the physical and the digital.

i know this because, i've traverse this community around the world. i've seen villages who don't have electricity and use computers for a monthly video news magazine. i've seen marginalized communities use open dialogue to build stronger, long lasting communities of culture. i've seen the positive nature of functional feedback loops and have seen the frailties of dysfunctional moderated community groups. i've see how things should be online and have learned my own hard felt lessons from around the world.

while i might not have the experience to lead a nation into battle, i have the heartfelt experience to know where my global peers can use help. if it is our job to make this world a better place, we should experiment with new ideas. my experimentation within this trip and subsequent conversation has taught me that we can make a difference. this trip has taught me that we must read, write and build.

i know that that my ideas are just exploratory. to be honest, my life has been exploratory. i know that i have as much to learn from the world as the world has to learn from me. i see myself as a knowledgeable individual and not an all knowing individual. if either of these two organizations are planning to be leaders in the 21st century, they will need someone who can explore, read and build. i know that i am that guy.

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