day 55 - alexandria

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i'll make this brief for two reasons...

1. i'm a horible speller.
2. i'm using a KDE laptop with konqueror and have to balance a mouse in one hand and a the laptop in the other. currently, i'm banging on these keys with my nose until i can find a suitable pencil to use with my mouth.

it seems that my interview with dries has made it to the front page of - digg it. my views are starting to rise. wooot! i couldn't be happier in thinking that all of these stomach cramps are finally adding up to a hill of fava beans!

also, while i'm here in wonderful coastal town of alexandria, i have no laptop, but i do have TWITTER and JAKIU!! so don't think that i'm leaving you alone. i'm still here kicking, screaming and getting freaked out by scary hotels!

ps - many thanks to khalid and his family for showing me around town, feeding me and driving me around.

photo by templar1307

Digg podcasts directory never got me any traffic, but there are enough geeks there, maybe they will catch on.

If the link doesn't work, then Digg hasn't approved it yet. Sigh.

I searched for "Luck of Seven" on Digg, and only the Dries video came up - I find it hard to believe you've not been dugg before today.

Keep fighting the good fight.

well, the cat is out of the bag... i really haven't had the time to "promote" my self on digg. to be honest, i haven't had time to prune, promote and curate media exposure.

thanks for your well wishes... if you are interested in helping me promote this trip, please do... since i'm seven hours ahead and moving further east, i do not seem to be on the same mental plane anymore. ;)


Fun to show you around the city. Hope you liked it and got the stories/interviews on Open Source in line with what you are after in your quest for Truth, Justice, and the Global way ...

P.S. Jaiku is misspelled.

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on the luck of seven was an open-source, around the world project by noel hidalgo, a new york city based activist, organizer, barcamper and coworker.

for seven months, he traversed the globe. using a new media voodo (blog, vlog, wiki, flickr, couchsurfing, twitter, myspace, dopplr, and facebook), noneck harnessed the collective knowledge of the internet, and report on seven topics of freedom. this trip was funded by 253 people and supported, house, fed, and loved by countless others.

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