day 90. a mexican diner on the other side of the world

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well, today marks my three month anniversary. three lonely months tasting the global fruit and discovering that the question i've set out to answer is no more of a mystery than a mexican diner smack dab on the other-side of the world.

accompanied by a spaniard, a chinese, a new zealander and an australian, this merry fruit basket swung off the FCC roof top terrace into a den of happy pizza joints and one mexican diner. to my own astonishment, i found out that "happy" pizza is not just some local chain store, but instead code for stoners pizza. somewhere between happy to super happy, you can hop on a rocket made of dough and disappear into a blissful wasteland of "no-income" locals. if i would have known that happy pizza was more than just a chain, i would have opted for a something a bit more experimental. my regret runs high.

the concept of mexican food is quite normal to me. hell, it's not normal, but a damn staple of every poor brooklyn moment. sandwiched between $1 USD tacos to $3 USD falafel's, my standard NYC meal-to-go is cheap and authentic. then when i meet a new zealander who's developed a hankering for a burrito, i really started to wonder what exactly is she craving.

my last foray into "real" mexican food + one ocean was bad. on a small street in northern france, i devoured something that looked like a fajita. then came ruby tuesday's in delhi. a nacho plate piled high with cheese, jalipanos and sour cream, my stomach churned butter into milk. scored by the bill and burned by the taste, i was quite leerily of an other mexican meal.

with my only other alternative a "happy" pizza, i rolled the dice and found a seven.

the chips home made. the avocado rich. the black beans and the beef a bit sweet. all-in-all, i found a mini-slice of north america delightfully yummy and close to home.

as our global conversation spanned from reintroduction to work accomplished to our futures, i debated my own situation.

two weeks till the journey's turning point, i've had many thoughts on what will come next. deep within my own kitchen, i am cooking up a plan to combine all the things i've touched, smelled and tasted. sometimes things ends up a bit more sweet; sometimes a bit more bitter. i see my own future baking the stories of today into the power of tomorrow.

my outlook on life has changed, i see this world as a big kitchen full of ingredients, spices, pots, pans, ladles, etc... it's up to us to cook up our own media, feed our minds, nourish our souls and make sure the whole family has a bite to eat. the menu might change, the ingredients will vary, but the global family is always the same and i know there's enough for everyone.

what are you cooking tonight?

what up noneck!!!
you are the shit and i will support the cause with a donation and possibly a place to stay. i heard about you from jetset and i'm calling my sis in portland, oregon right now to let her kno you might need a place to stay. if there is a free couch, she will email you. since you have shared your story, i'll tell you a little about myself. i'm 23 and am very grateful to live in palos verdes, cali. my 9-5 is at costco wholesale in torrance where i sell wine and am a lead marketer. my dream is to live in italy. i wish to work on a winery, i don't care if i'm pickin grapes. my dream would be to live on a boat in the mediterranean and travel and meet new people. i too believe that there is a natural underlying consciousness that connects us all but can be overlooked with the distractions of survival.
i have not traveled much, except mexico numerous times and all over the u.s. my hobbies are collecting wine, music, drums(i play with a couple blues bands on a boat in long beach), researching, and reading books on psychology and physics. i kno my story is not exciting, but you inspire me to drop what i'm doing and travel. you have to kno that you are changing people's lives and making a difference by helping other people see that humanity is not a lost cause. my girlfriend is a part of save darfur and just went to the peace conference last weekend in D.C. well, enough of my babble cuz i kno you are busy on the road. if you are ever around L.A., hit me up on myspace( and i'll show you around and help you out in anyway i can. take care and keep it up, PEACE!!!

Hey!! I heard about what you were wanting to do via youtube and a little show called JetSet. First of all I want to say congratulations. It's a great idea and I wish I could do the same as you!! Anyway in the vlog that they showed on the show you asked if people had money, a couch or etc. to spare for your quest. If ever you want to come by Quebec Canada, I'd be glad to help you out by giving you a place to stay. Let me know if your interested. You can contact me by e-mail or on msn.

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on the luck of seven was an open-source, around the world project by noel hidalgo, a new york city based activist, organizer, barcamper and coworker.

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