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last night, during my dinner/laundry preparations i sliced open my thumb. i figured my spinach needed more dicing. carefully, i laid out the spinach on to my blue cutting board and moved the knife across the tip of my left thumb. this pain, was the warm up to news my roommate would later break.

about two hours later, my roommate comes into our apartment in her normal fashion, where she immediately falls into her bedroom. a few mins later, sabrina starts asking me about what do i plan on doing with the apartment. the verbiage while particular, was not shocking, it's how she refers to the apartment.

standing in the kitchen, separated by a skillet, she tells me that she's going to move out. when? she doesn't know. can we discuss this matter? no. she doesn't want to live with a stranger for half a year, nor does she want to go through the hassle of finding someone to live with. which i can understand, but now i'm faced with a series of questions...

  • do we both move out on july 1st? (ps - i love my apartment. i really don't want that to happen.)
  • should i ask her to move out early so i can find a roommate while turing around and subleasing my space a month or two later?
  • do i move out and have her find a replacement roommate?
  • do i sublease the entire apartment and broker a deal with the landlord?

without a doubt these are some fun questions to debate over the next few months. in the meantime, today i'm running out and purchasing a camera and a sleeping bag. tomorrow, i leave for geneva to kick around the old city before the lift conference. equipment report when i get back.

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