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it's 2.50 in the morning before lift. i have to be up at 7 and i can't sleep. thank goodness it's taking forever for flickr to load my photos, otherwise i'd be laying here tussling, envying my hostel's mates ability to sleep. what's this?!?! our third hostel mate just arrived... an asian american just walked in, but now he's walking right back out... wtf!

for obvious and not so obvious, i can't seem to get blondie's "dreaming" out of my head... (lyrics)

i wish i could take a page from mickipedia, my 37th donor, and wax poetically about the weather. ok, the weather... since my last serious relationship, every woman envelops me in a thick fog, accidents happen and then one of us departs once the sun is out. i'm starting to think that somehow i've succumbed to what micki calls "open-source dating" or "8 ways to stay single."

yet, these are her prescriptions to heart break, and to me they are results of a desire to find the perfect one... if that day has passed or if that day is in the future, how will i know? have i locked away my heart from pain or the potential for pain? does one follow the dogma of movies and break off all relationships only to regret every chance encounter?

with valentines day just a week away, how can one mend but not feel vulnerable?

ps - maybe instead of blaming "them," i should blame my self and admit that i am a fog - i'm thick, cause many accidents, and depart when the sun is out.

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