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last night, eric, rachel, and amit had an impromptu-quasi-pannel about twitter. granted, twitter is currently the rage, but as some have stated that twitter is no different that dodgeball and others compare it to the early days of blogging/friendster/myspace.

in the pure basic terms, twitter is a novel approach to bridging the digital divide within technological devices. through a marriage of cell phone text messaging, instant messaging, desktop applications and a website. you have the power to choose, how, when, and whom can communicate with you.

why do you think john edwards is on twitter? if you have too many RSS feeds, then you monitor twitter for salient blog posts. if you have too many fickr contacts, then you wait until a friend posts something interesting from their photostream. if you're not into wading through the thicket of news sites, you subscribe to CNN, BBC or if you're interested in micro-loans you follow Kiva. like all new technologies, you can either be overwhelmed by information or think of how to harness information.

though there's one part of twitter that most people don't seem to discuss - simplicity through extensibility. with infinite possibilities, twitter in it self is a simple service. twitter would not exist if AIM and jabber did not have easy integration. the addiction to twitter would not exist if you could not get updates via your cell phone, instant messaging client, desktop application or on a website. conversely, twitter would not be popular if people didn't have an easy method to populate data into external systems. twitter would not be popular if they squelched their fandom and prevented people from discussing innovative ways to create via the twitter pbwiki, yahoo group,, IRC chat room, MoDaCo, or Flickr.

other bloggers may think they are cute by tying technology tools to UNIX commands, but as novel technology tools are introduced or shall i say reintroduced, one must think of their origin from within the construct of society. nothing was created in a vacuum. to me it's clear that we are no longer about the customer. our new world is filled with constituents. sadly too many of us think these are new methods of inclusion. in reality, these are old methods of inclusion that we forgot were key to our values and success. never forget our path of humanity - open communication, competitive dialogue, open competition, teamwork and most importantly personal relationships.

maybe i'm wrong for looking at the constitution of applications and only seeing them as community empowering tools.

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This is the first blog that have posted a positive review on Twitter.

As for me, the idea of being involved in twitter seems like a start for Truman Show kind of lifestyle.

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