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Welcome all GigaOM and NewTeeVee travelers!

Thanks for clicking on the buried link and visiting a site that hasn't been updated in a week. I'm currently working on a project that you might have read about - huffington post and newassignment.net team up to build a citizen journalism publication covering the 2008 presidential campaign. it's been eating more time than anticipated, and by middle of next week i'll have a few interesting posts for you.

in the meantime, i urge you to do the following...

1. Donate $11.11 - doing so will get you a copy of the book, put you on my email list, and will help me cover open source communities, free culture and global change.
2. Find me on Facebook, MySpace and Couchsurfing.com - doing so is like exchanging business cards... ;)
3. Subscribe via RSS - and start monitoring the adventure.

btw, if you're around for podcamp nyc, i'll be in attendance and hosting a session on politics and media... check out noneck.org for more information

many thanks for sstrudeau & theburg.tv for giving me the heads up.
thanks again to sstudeau for helping out with
a simple bit of php.
thank you
lillyliane for your donation!!!

play a game and join the club!

"do you remember when things were really hummin' yeah let's twist again twistin' time is here!"

ah, how the words to that song always seem to twist me in the right direction. my good friends over at photogamer have a little twist to the game they've been playing. in celebration of spring, photogamer #6 says get out of the house and go someplace new and shoot five things (something tall, small, playful, something you are pointing toward, and the space above your head)... PLUS there's a bonus, "find the number 7 and take pictures of it!"

without a doubt, i'll be playing this weekend. will you?

this has been a good fundraising week, with $1,273.87 in the bank, which is a long way from $7,777.00. closing the fundraising gap is alone proving to be an interesting trip. rounding out this week, we have four new members have joined club 777! thank you so much!!!

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my twit on twitter

last night, eric, rachel, and amit had an impromptu-quasi-pannel about twitter. granted, twitter is currently the rage, but as some have stated that twitter is no different that dodgeball and others compare it to the early days of blogging/friendster/myspace.

in the pure basic terms, twitter is a novel approach to bridging the digital divide within technological devices. through a marriage of cell phone text messaging, instant messaging, desktop applications and a website. you have the power to choose, how, when, and whom can communicate with you.

why do you think john edwards is on twitter? if you have too many RSS feeds, then you monitor twitter for salient blog posts. if you have too many fickr contacts, then you wait until a friend posts something interesting from their photostream. if you're not into wading through the thicket of news sites, you subscribe to CNN, BBC or if you're interested in micro-loans you follow Kiva. like all new technologies, you can either be overwhelmed by information or think of how to harness information.

though there's one part of twitter that most people don't seem to discuss - simplicity through extensibility. with infinite possibilities, twitter in it self is a simple service. twitter would not exist if AIM and jabber did not have easy integration. the addiction to twitter would not exist if you could not get updates via your cell phone, instant messaging client, desktop application or on a website. conversely, twitter would not be popular if people didn't have an easy method to populate data into external systems. twitter would not be popular if they squelched their fandom and prevented people from discussing innovative ways to create via the twitter pbwiki, yahoo group, last.fm, IRC chat room, MoDaCo, or Flickr.

other bloggers may think they are cute by tying technology tools to UNIX commands, but as novel technology tools are introduced or shall i say reintroduced, one must think of their origin from within the construct of society. nothing was created in a vacuum. to me it's clear that we are no longer about the customer. our new world is filled with constituents. sadly too many of us think these are new methods of inclusion. in reality, these are old methods of inclusion that we forgot were key to our values and success. never forget our path of humanity - open communication, competitive dialogue, open competition, teamwork and most importantly personal relationships.

maybe i'm wrong for looking at the constitution of applications and only seeing them as community empowering tools.

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the big news...

back from austria and austin, thank you donors and check out matt's dance

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the past eleven days have blown my mind! from austin and SXSW to austria and salzburg seminar on The New Information Networks: Challenges and Opportunities for Business, Governments, and Media. through the panels, conversations and the people, i am invigorated to change the world.

as of today, we have reached $1220.54 and this could not have been possible without your generous donations! thank you club 777 and i'd like to welcome some new members!

while i gather some notes for a big announcement, i leave you with an inspiring video from Matt Harding, a fellow world traveler.

ps - you should also check out user's responses to this great video.

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from austin to austria, i'm packing my bags and heading to sxsw.

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SXSW Interactive i'm packing my bags and heading to SXSW interactive. if you haven't heard of SXSW, it's kinda a Mecca for technologist, programmers, and anyone who's into socializing with notables who like to party. i'm going to promote a few things i've learned, learn a few more things that i don't know, talk incessantly about of on the luck of seven project, hang out with some friends, catch up with old friends at Barcamp Austin, and figure out a thing or two about life.

last year, i learned quite a few things... most of them too personal to tell here (it might make it in my book), but this year... i feel things are different. i'm not sure why, other than i'm 100% more adventuresome and well... i've got a nifty little vlog project! also, if you haven't noticed, for the month of march, i'm vloging every 7 days. on 14 march, my next video will be sent from austria.

YUP! on monday, i'm departing austin and spending a day in the air to attend a salzburg seminar - The New Information Networks: Challenges and Opportunities for Business, Governments, and Media. once on the ground, i'll be moderating a roundtable entitled: Participation, Community, Governance and be on the roundtable Communication, Networks, and Political Impacts. i'm really stoked to be in the same arena as yochai benkler, viktor mayer-schonberger, kenneth cukier, and jo twist.

in the meantime, i'm changing my fundraising tune and for the next three weeks will attempt to rase $2222.00. i'm not sure how i'm going to accomplish this step, but one thing is for sure... if i don't push to rase $2222.00, i'm not going to make my fundraising goals. if you can't donate money, give me a suggestion on were to go or what to see and whom to visit or interview.

well.. if you're looking for me, check out my twitter and my conferenceer profile, otherwise i'll see you around AUSTIN!

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Episode 2: Seven people saying seven things

in my second installment, this was an attempt to be poetic. after a long day at harvard business school's social entrepreneur conference, things just kinda went down hill... ;)

hey look it's march 7th! just four more months... do i feel a bit of pressure, hellsyeah!

this past sunday, i depart wicked early to attend Harvard Business School's annual Social Entrepreneur Conference. hungover from being out too late with a bunch of political bloggers, i ferried my self into the lovely arms of jetblue and pondered an action plan... as a huge fan of the number seven, i decided to meet seven new people and ask them to tag themselves with seven words. VOLA!

yes, at times i'm quite timid. i didn't even get to the first person unitll after lunch. in need of a cigarage, i found one, ankill chopra, a fellow new yorker who was more than willing to bare the freezing tempature to wattle through my bumbling attempt to describe my project. gracefully, he indulged my request and we chatted about nyc's technical community. as we went into the grand hall to hear dan doctorf, ankill introduced me to his lovely partner and soon tobe HBS student, camille. also from new york, she quickly agreed and with in 5 minutes i had scored two interview.

as doctorf's statements turned into a self masturbatory harvard/make money first/nyc & rapid development good speech, i moaned and groaned... locked in by three people to my left, i decided to listen and fill my mind with disgust. then at the end, i was awarded by the introduction to theresa chinte, a fellow brooklynite who lives in the Atlantic Yards area. after we chided the Atlantic Yards project; she granted a interview.

then in the hallway, i ran into ajit. his statements in an earlier session, made me wanna say thank you... in the "arts as social change session" he noted definitive metrics for all programs, and then gave me the best line ever! "be still, bliss will come to you." in the afternoon session, i came across meridith who happens to know charlie o'donnell. it's weird how being hyper-connected can make the world feel much smaller. then afterward, we walked to the career fair where i stubbled upon my last two subjects jana and misha.

what can i say? GREAT SUCCESS!!! below is a transcript of what people are saying.

music by Dimitri Artemenko, thank you for using creative commons!

ankill chopra, aserno; "my family, camille, smashing pumpkins, guitar, figuring it all out, happiness"

camillie, lehman brothers; "akill, delane family, columbia (university and Missouri), democratic party"

theresa chinte, grad student at NYU Wagner & works part time at Be Cause Global Consulting; "innovation, motivation, entrepreneurship, change, energy, passion, fun"

ajit jhangiani, HBS MBA '70 ; "be still, bliss will come to you"

meridith petrin, second year harvard law student; "india, idea, web, simultaneous, question, sunrise, intensity"

jana reed - common good carers; "happy, loquacious, sad, (i need four more)... sorry, what??"

misha simmonds - education; "all students can achieve at high levels"

20 mins to change your perception on technology

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ekk, i know i should have had my notes from Harvard sooner, but after an hour long delay at Logan and then I mistakenly ended up on an E train with a sever personality disorder. finally, i ended up in brooklyn at three am. ugh, after an 8 hour nap, i woke to find laurent, the badass organizer of lift, had uploaded Ben Cerveny's presentation. instead of pruning and grooming my notes, i sat down and penned my conscious thoughts of Ben's metaphors...

20 mins to change your perception on technology

WOOT, tomorrow, you'll get another video!

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on my way to harvard...

on my way to boston

armed with my seven tools (macbook, moleskin, montblanc, ipod, tea, camelpak, and red pants), i'm heading back to harvard. after last week's social entrepreneur seminar at nyu, i was made aware of an annual gathering of harvard business school's social entrepreneur club. this will be the third time that cheryl dorsey, president of echoing green, and i will cross paths. also in attendance will be victoria hale, founder and ceo of institute for one world health, and daniel doctoff, deputy mayor of "my fair city" of new york.

to be honest, the only reason why i submitted my $40 dollars was in an attempt to win $2000 in their pitch for change, one of the club's lustrous prizes. now in the wind that fast company killed their profile on Lo7, i go in earnest not to win (since harvard also rejected me), but to see other social entrepreneurs and find fellow projects that will change the world.

while i might not have the opportunity to live blog the event, i've made the goal of documenting the trip and making the best of the number seven. from my seven items, i will hand out seven business cards asking people to tag them self with seven words...

as i sit here waiting for my plane, i do wonder about the adventure in front of me... it's been several years since i last visited boston. back then, i was foolishly in love with a girl. now, some may say that i'm foolishly in love with a project, that just like that relationship, has a purpose but no end goal... oh, wait may be i shouldn't say that. while this project may not have end goal other than elevating the conversation. in the grand scheme of things this is an nevering quest to change people's perception on the tiny planet we call home.

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live blogging at doors of perception!

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alexandra sonsino, friend, fellow lift 06 attendant and canadian citizen, has found her way to delhi for doors of perception 9. over at tasty thinking, food for thought and thoughts about food, alex and Dave Chiu are live blogging and have captured some interesting notes...

Hannu Niemien, Nokia - "The one planet economy will one day look like the internet. We will be able to have personal windmills and be able to sell the excess back to the network, its an internet-like energy architecture. Music delivery allows a direct link between the consumer and the producer of music and micro-networks get organized and bypass structures that exist now."

However nothing can replace face 2 face comms and even if we have the greatest communications, we still travel more and more instead of less. The perception hasn't been changing and we don’t see any good reason why we should not travel. Are the environment challenges enough to change this? "

Debra Solomon, artist, who's talking about "editable" architecture projects.

Sanjeez Shankar & John Vijay Abraham - Udipi, family run restaurants, where for 15 rupess you get all the rice and locally grown vegetables you can eat. Not to mention, the wait staff are all "freelancers" who get housing and food as part of their agreement to work.

André Viljoen, architect, researching urban farms in Cuba.

Naresh Narasimhan, the future of sewage?

Jimmy Wales, "Participatory: we should bring together W with other partnerships with trust networks to the problem of serach. Any propritary system limits the debate and we need to find new ways to find ways to search on the internet."

Alex Shaffen, "Everything needs to change. We inherited a broken future. We are living in the middle of an ecological nightmare. It’s affecting our everyday life. We’re stetching nature to the limit. We are now on global overshoot."

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Lo7 is all drupal! The wiki is now converted...

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after a few days of kicking and thinking, i've finally converted luckofseven.com to a full drupal site. the last portion was the wiki.

i bet you're now wondering, who gives a rats. i'm not a programmer, so i do! for the past year, i've worked very closely helping foster the NYC Drupal community by hosting DrupalCamp One & Two. when i'm out and about in the NYC tech community and someone says "drupal sucks," on average spend 10 mins defending the project and reinforcing the fact that Drupal is like a chassis, you can do what ever you want with it. like every other tool, you need to know how to use it. the luck of seven is another point of reenforcement that you can build a well endowed drupal site without a hint of custom programing code.

currently, i am using the following stock drupal modules..

akismet - spam blocking

spam - also for spam blocking

image - thumbnails for videos

video - to ecapulate uploaded video in the rss feed

pathauto - to give nodes a sexy name

pearwiki - wikimedia engine for wiki page edits

wikitools - for wikiesque nodes

poormanscron - 'cause i'm too lame to figure out cron jobs

smileys - cause i think they are cute

original post - i'm in the process of taking down the wiki so i can move everything into a drupal styled wiki.

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Episode 1: 777 Photos from the past seven years

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the past seven years have been filled with their ups and downs. back then, i was just a little kid with an inexperienced understanding of the world. through countless jobs, accidents, girlfriends, and friends, i'm still here. this video is 777 images from my past seven years. if you look closely, you might recognize yourself. the music is by my old buddies charlie hustle playing airport shuttle.

war what is it good for???

the notion of a green war or a green army is foreign from today's depleted uranium tipped armaments and HUMMVEE's trolling the land scape, but the notion shouldn't be to far than the general nature of napoleon's art of war. granted we are still talking about the art of death, but as "developed nations" (quotes of irony) move to make force deployments nibbler, there should be investment in technologies that save resources. when you save deployment resources you save lives.

just think of all the money that's been used to develop new war capabilities. from tang, the space program to the internet, these are all residuals of a modern war machine. if the general premise is peace, and war is an actual last resort. then, eventually we should develop technologies to decrease casualties... i really don't think you can argue with the concepts of green jet fuel; lighter yet more durable materials to withstand impact, and hybrid heavy trucks. it is time we think different and start to reinvent every element of our society to be more green.

once we start, then i think we just might be living up to the title of a "developed nation."

articles of note...

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working on the drupal...

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as some of you may know, i'm really a huge fan of drupal. if you haven't heard of drupal, it's an open-souce content management system. ok, so what does that mean? well imagine a chassis that's designed to go anywhere, do anything and have as many accouterments as possible.

since the release of Drupal 5.1, which i'll be upgrading to today, i've decided that it's time to think about the architecture of this site and see how many things i can utilize within the Drupal framework. most importantly is the wiki, which should be the most interesting (wikitools & pearwiki filter)... additionally, i'm also looking to add a countdown clock, pathauto (no more /node/232), Send and Mime Mail (a tell a friend feature), a notify feature, international pirate day translations, smileys ( those happy faces ) and i'll be rethinking the blocks on the right. why? cause photojojo is so hot!

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add four more books to your reading list....

if you are happy and you know it clap your hands....
if you are unhappy and you know it read a book...

i have been a long time proponent of self-educaiton. well after high school, i just kept on reading... and some how stumbled upon this link http://readingforradicals.com

the list of books is great, but questionable... frankly there's not technological books, nor books on decentralized empowerment and networks... so, if you have the time, please leave a comment on what would be your reading list for radicals.

mine, you've heard them before and you'll hear them again...

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