the boston globe thinks 7.7.07 is lucky!


according to the AP, 7.7.07 is lucky. the boston globe, owned by the new york times, posted a reprint of an associated press which i am now plastering up here... confused yet? ;)

nonetheless, according to this "frequently emailed story" couples are selecting 7.7.07 in droves. according to tonya simmons, wedding specialist, "it's the most popular date -- ever!" who can argue with all these happy loving couples and their decision to get married on one of the luckiest days of this millennium. just think, there are only going to be two more days - 7 september 77 and 7 september 70. the likely hood of me seeing any of those is nil.

thanks heather parker for forwarding that link, and thank you to our new crop of donors!

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take me to 777.77!

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my old friend, fellow troublemaker and bevercreek graduate, kris swanson, is willing to match US$777.77, IF i can get the donation ticker to read $777.77. with 426.68 in the kiddy, i'm only going to need 38 donations of US$11.11 to get me there. mind you thats more donors than i have now... are you ready for the challenge? ps - if it's close, can you do me the favor and peg it at 777 and shoot me a photo?

on to the follow up...

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open access & a weekend of sevens (recap)

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on the search of sevens - 30 thanks to michael nutt, heather parker and whurley for their contributions to the flickr group! i love them all! YO thank you! i'd like to thank the following donors for their contributions this weekend!

  • Christopher Erin
  • Elana Shneyer
  • Michael Nutt
  • Sid Sowder
  • Lucas Peterson

speaking about weekend stuff, i thought about myspace - not just the website, but also the overwhelming amount of data we all see. saturday afternoon, i had the opportunity to meet up with's summit on open access at NYU. many kudos to the organizers for lining up the three best speakers. in summary, open access is the belief that access to digital scholarly material should be free.

since 2002's Budapest Open Access Initiative over 200 organizations have subscribed to the belief that data like information needs to be free. logically, one would think that scientists want to share information and findings. yet, the real power of science is held in the hands of ever decreasing number of science journals.

as the number of publications have decreased, the walled gardens grow larger and more obscure. Jennifer Mclennan of the scholarly publishing and academic resources coalition (SPARC) made the first astounding statement. through surveys, the average cost of science journals have increased in price by 200%! libraries can not keep purchasing journals at this inflated price, and therefore start limiting the avenues people can use for research.

Gavin Yamey of Public library of Science presented next, and not in so many words said that we are under monopolistic conditions with Thompson Scientific controlling the rating system that determines how grants and government funds are distributed. low and behold, his organization, PLoS, is a non-profit open source journal. their studies have proven that being open is not only fruitful for new discoveries, but openness allows for more citations and therefore more exposure.

finally, we were blessed John Wilbanks of Science Commons. John's slide show was the lease dense with facts and figures. he could have done his presentation on a white board with fancy colored markers. nonetheless, it was great. John's argument rolls out the following formula... science is data. data can be structured, checked and digitalized. once digitalized, it can be turned into code. once as code, it can be processed for arguments and VOLA, made into something else. why should science be codified?

if you took every scientific paper written about the b13 gene in the past six months, and started reading a paper a day. it would take you SIX YEARS TO READ THEM ALL!!! yes, six years for six months worth of publishing.

he then when on to show a bunch of cool pictures of things that are totally over my head. these far out contraptions of programmed bacteria and other things, John concluded that we must find a new common ground for science. with my brain on the verge of exploding, my buddy, michael and i departed for SOHO and Chinatown to snap pictures of sevens.

on the search of sevens - 62 then later that night, i met up with lovable, huggable, vlogable - Bre Prettis of Make magazine. some how i worked my way into an itty bitty venue aptly named, the monkey, to see modal kombat. btw, if you've ever wondered what it's like to play nintendo with musical instruments, you must catch these guys. for about an hour, the duo of modal kombat played pong, mortal kombat and concluded with mario kart (the original). if there was an emotion for "hang loose" hand sign, i'd insert it here.

afterward, we met up with charles for some "blip'in" conversations and arguments of how the world's new left is emerging. which really got me thinking of myspace, the social networking site. if you are an activist like me and you've ever consider using the groups functionality on myspace, forget about it. it sucks, flickr, facebook, hell even couchsurfing has better functionality.

yesterday, i was in a meeting with a bunch of progressive publications, and as we discussed the nature of communicating with subscribers, we brought up social networks. across the table, jason das said "we use it as a bumper sticker." which got me thinking to all the organizations who use profiles instead of groups - drinking liberally,, and the million and one other orgs - myspace never considered groups to be a focus... and after further poking around... why in the hell do we continue to use such a piss poor product? so without futher ado, click here to friend "Luck of Seven" on myspace.

project one - "photo a seven!"

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Starting off a travel project, based on the number 7 is not the easiest thing. Add an ask for money, and people want something back. Just like my old scooter friends, it's easier to ask them for a dollar before I jump off a cliff then it is after. HEY and if you guys are reading this, I will not jump off a cliff again... Or when I say "cliff" do I mean the mechanical horse on Ave A and First Street... If you are really interested, you'll find the true meaning.

So with that Mr. Rodgers into, let's get down to the nitty gritty. My buddy, Amit Gupta has a really cool project, PhotoJojo "we find the best photo shiz anywhere." Since it's inception, every two weeks, Amit really does find really cool stuff! It's the best!

Man behind the 7 What does that have to do with 777? Easy, I want your photos! If you are on flickr, start taggin your photos with "luck of seven" and "777". Don't forget to join the luck of seven group! If you have original art work, and wanna share that too... by all means, let's get those sevens rollin!

As for facebook, myspace, and, upload your photos to the forum under this post. If you can chose your type of copy protection, please consider using Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 By Wednesday, we'll see who's got the bacon bits! If you like a photo, please vote with your keyboard!

PS - I heart whurley! photo in post, is by whurley.

soft launch

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thank you!!!
first, i'd like to thank yesterday's donors!

if you haven't donated, push me over the top...

let's network
now it's on to promotion, instead of sending out a blast email, i'm teasing the water though my social networks. last year, as an april fools joke, i threw out oralpixation as a global photo project. (don't worry, we'll do it again.) since rootscamp dc, facebook has been on fire... and what's my bread and butter? networking. so why not start off small?

over the past year, i saw some press about a photo book started on a flickr group. through my research, no travel book has started on a social networking site. (please correct me if wrong.) so let's make history!

ps - this post is powered by KISS' Detroit Rock City.

what's the focus

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yesterday, while my friend assisted in editing my first post, she kept asking me why are people going to care? from her point of view, everyone travels and writes about their journey. why would anyone care about this trip? after thinking about it, she is right i need to detail my rational for topics i will be covering...

the seven topics of freedom

  • free culture - originally a book by lawrence lessig. free culture is now a movement to break through the walled gardens of our minds and share information. if you scroll down to the footer, you'll see that this site is under creative commons. what does that mean? just like you have shared information with me, you can take this content and share it. as long as you don't make a profit; you are free to use this work. wikipedia on free culture.
  • free and open-source software (F/OSS) - there are many examples F/OSS, firefox, open office, wordpress, and drupal, just to name a few. (more on wikipedia) sadly there are only a handful of profiles and conversations of their products outside of their respective communities. as we will see, the agents of open-source software are diverse, eclectic, and highly lovable.
  • couchsurfers and bloggers - imagine opening up your house and letting a complete stranger sleep on your couch? believe it or not, there is a social network dedicated to couchsurfing. as an avid supporter of couchsurfing and people who share their life online, i am looking forward to the network of connections and a wealth of stories.
  • agents of progressive social change - if global agents of change are as unusual as my friends, their stories will be pure insanity. here's to the crazy ones!
  • barcamp & coworking - are two mimes espouse physical conversations organized through the internet. barcamp is a grassroots technology unconference where attendants are presenters and presenters are attendants. ironically, there is a workplace equivalent, coworking. coworking is a grassroots organized office with café culture. both mimes have demonstrated unbelievable levels of free thinking.
  • happenstance - happenstance is the art of random interaction. i bet you are thinking it is not possible to focus on happenstance. if you do not believe it, i will free your mind.
  • our environment - nature's beauty is quickly being consumed. i will spotlight locations and the people who are protecting them. my focus will be on the destruction we don't see on the evening news.

as you can see this project is about many things. many of these things i can no tolerate languishing on the back burner. if life is a fickle flame, i must let it burn brightly. last year at this time, i was stuck in a serious rutt. frequently, on my journeys, i quoted former fellow gemini henry kissinger, "there comes a time in every rightly constructed boy's life when he has a raging desire to go somewhere and dig for hidden treasure."

for the past few months, i've been hung up on the fact we are losing every element of our freedom. the world i knew as a child is not the same; the world i knew ten years a go is not the same. as the years move on and information becomes entertainment, we are enveloping ourselves in a world devoid of freedom. from nature and property, to rights and intellectual property, i see our lives slipping into an abyss devoid of alternatives.

chip in and help support the dig.

where will the luck of seven take me...

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I've been sitting on my inaugural post for too long. It's been over a year since I first conceived of this, and despite all of my work on paper, I still can't think of an opening. Time and time again, I mention the same words over and over... seven, seven, seven...


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table of contents

about the luck of seven

on 07 july 2007, noneck noel (aka noel a. hidalgo) will depart new york city for a journey around the world to learn from you. affably named "on the luck of seven" or "luck of seven." this is an open-source journey documenting free culture, social innovators and global change.

for seven months, i will stand on the seven contents, dive into the seven oceans, and contemplate seven topics of freedom. while on the way, i will document the journey through stories, photos and videos. this is not my story, this is our story. though your hospitably, donations, projects, connections and friends, our stories will merge into one.

as i wander the earth, my broad shoulders will bear seven topics of freedom: free culture; free and open-source software communities; couchsurfers, bloggers, fellow travelers and vloggers; agents of progressive social change; barcamp, coworking and meetups; happenstance, and climate change. all work will be produced under a creative commons license. all-in-all, this 21st century anthropological view of the personalities in physical / digital world we cohabit will always be freely available.

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the topics

This is a 21st century journey to the intersection of digital and organic communities. Communicating through a digital medium that has no borders, I want to share with you how this new world interacts.

  • Free culture. After a half-century of broadcast communications dictating the common perspective, people are now reconnecting—one-on-one, peer-to-peer, node-to-node—and proving that traditional copyright and patent restrictions need to be reformed to promote creativity.
  • Free and open-source software. Software should be a tool, like a shovel. With zero distribution cost, global, boundless open-source communities are competing in a world of co-opetition.
  • Couchsurfers and bloggers. People—from those who blog their souls to those who reserve their couch for strangers—are using technology to augment real-world relationships and bring modernism back to our post-modern world.
  • Barcamps, unconferences, meetups, and coworking. The online digi-world uses physical ad-hoc meetings to socialize, share, and advance ideas.
  • Agents of progressive social change. Inventors and concept peddlers—though not always leaders—change the way we think about the world through technology.
  • The environment. When we outsource jobs, we outsource pollution, waste, and other negative impacts of consumerism; we need to continue to use technology to educate the public on the true footprint of the products we use and lifestyles we choose.
  • Happenstance. Receiving a random e-mail, discovering a flickr profile, stumble-surfing across a facebook page, connecting in a café—the world grows smaller with every person we meet, and there is an art to discovering their stories.”

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project partners

  • Transitions Online - - founded in 1999, this Czech non-profit was founded to replace it's print predecessor, transitions magazine. TOL works within the vast post-communist region of eastern europe to help young, up-and-coming journalist to take advantage of electronic communications for journalism.
  • Mobile Active - - MobileActive is a global network of people, tools, projects, and resources focused on the use of mobile phones for activism, campaigns, and civic engagement. Mobile Active focuses in on four principles.
    1. expand access to knowledge, ideas and experience about the use of mobile technology
    2. reduce learning costs for civil society organizations
    3. accelerate the use of effective tactics in campaigns
    4. provide a comprehensive platform for building partnerships, and for facilitating access to technology and funding
  • Michael David Vineyards - - home to the award winning seven deadly zins and seven heavenly chards. Michael~David Vineyards produces seven brands of distinctive wines for each of your varied whimsical desires. Michael and David Phillips represent the fifth generation of growers in Lodi, and things are changing. With 350 acres of premium wine grapes, there is plenty of room for experimentation and innovation. The vineyards are irrigated by the Mokelumne River, which carries crystal-clear water from the Sierra Nevada Mountains, depositing minerals into the rich soils upon which the grapes thrive. Though not certified organic, Michael~David Vineyards strives to use all natural methods including integrated pest management, beneficial insects for pest control, trellising, leaf pulling and natural mined sulfur for mildew control.

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as for fundraising, once i reach my travel budget of USD $7,777, i will donate 75% of profits to non-profit communities that exemplify the luck of seven. (25% each)

  • Not an Alternative - - a little over a year ago, i was exposed to a wonderful community of artists, political organizers, freelance workers and free thinkers. not an alternative & the change you want to see gallery calls a modest williamsburg store front home. daily you can come joining us for coworking brooklyn or for monthly salons and performances. as not an alternative looks to expand their offering, i am donating 25% of this projects profits.

    located in williamsburg, brooklyn and home to brooklyn's coworking, Not an Alternative functions as a collaborative office, props production, public relation, and cultural production company. in 2007, Not an Alternative will launch a television channel dedicated to highlighting the modern political strife through a comical and entertaining lens.
  • Drupal Association - - since 2004, i have found myself immersed within a socially astute and technology savvy community who understand the importance of peer to peer communication and dialogue. world renown as one of the best content management systems, late last year, the drupal community established a non-profit to help guide and oversee the drupal project. as one of the new york city organizers and evangelists, i am donating 25% of profits.

    as a hobbyist, dries buytaert, tinkered with building an open-source content management system. in 2003, his CMS was selected to be the back bone of the Howard Dean presidential campaign and afterward became the default CMS for politically minded and socially active organizations. the drupal association manages the infrastructure, funding and promotion of the community driving project. (donate)
  • Couchsurfing - - imagine a world where you can travel the globe and have a buddy in every town. imagine, a traveler coming into your home and together you learn from each other. now imagine, these connections stemming from a social networking site. in spite of what most read or watch on television, there is a vast network of free spirits who have no problem opening their doors and allowing fellow travelers to share their home. as an avid host and supporter of couchsurfing, i am donating 25% of profits.

    CouchSurfing is not about the furniture, not just about finding free accommodations around the world; it's about making connections worldwide. We make the world a better place by opening our homes, our hearts, and our lives. We open our minds and welcome the knowledge that cultural exchange makes available. We create deep and meaningful connections that cross oceans, continents and cultures. CouchSurfing wants to change not only the way we travel, but how we relate to the world! (donate)

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about me

my life started the 24th of May in 1978 to two US Air Force officers. my father describes the day as if it was yesterday. in the scheme of things, no time has passed. Over the years and through countless moves, i matured into a politically active, scooter riding, gentrifying hipster living in the Kingdom of Slackers most call North Brooklyn. unlike most or maybe more like the rest, i have tried to do new and interesting things to change the world. on my path, i have loved, laughed and lost.

through the jobs, half-technical / half-political, i have found my self in a whole new world. grounded in our inherent biology, we are quickly staring at a future where there are no borders. like it or not our organic lives are dependent on our digital participation. i feel blessed to have an opportunity to explore these new intersections, highways and footpaths.

while our future is unknown, change is a constant. in the spirt of the original scouting oath i took on the road to becoming an eagle scout, i will always honor the promise to do my best, to fulfill my duties to earth and all residents, and to help others at all times.

noneck noel is a freelance business and lifestyle consultant, blogger and citizen journalist. his reporting outlets include, a 21 century anthropology travel project documenting free culture, social innovators and global change;, which focuses on the future of media, cities and culture; and Coworking, which takes a look at the future of freelance office collectives. infrequently, you can find his posts at, on new york city political and art events; which addresses the impact of technology on politics, and his photos have been printed in the new york post, scoot quarterly, and scootering international.

as an advocate of peer-to-peer communication, noneck has been influential in setting up collaborative office environments for nyc freelancers (coworking). from presenting to organizing, you can find him organizing and consulting on numerous grassroots empowered conversations - salzburg seminar on new networks, the lift conference in geneva, barcamp, drupalcamps, rootscamps, the pdf unconference and countless meetups.

his former political clients include john kerry for president, new york state senate minority leaders office, cam kerry for massachusetts secretary of state, the new york state democratic senatorial campaign committee, state senator josé m. serrano, new york state senator andrea stewart-cousins, the assemble for rights nyc campaign, and norman siegel for nyc public advocate. he was a technology coordinator for the 2004 democratic national convention.

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on the luck of seven was an open-source, around the world project by noel hidalgo, a new york city based activist, organizer, barcamper and coworker.

for seven months, he traversed the globe. using a new media voodo (blog, vlog, wiki, flickr, couchsurfing, twitter, myspace, dopplr, and facebook), noneck harnessed the collective knowledge of the internet, and report on seven topics of freedom. this trip was funded by 253 people and supported, house, fed, and loved by countless others.

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