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at times, i can feel very timid... i just got done watching project pedal's videos and they are slick... many kudos... nice intros, segways, effects, myspace music, good press, good fundraising, etc... in summation, i am envious.

preface for rest of post, this is a meta and i'm getting cranky.

i did my second interview today. while walking around looking for community shots, couldn't figure out what to shoot... then i thought about my situation. contrasted it with others' and started to wimpier... i'm just getting started with shooting, learning to edit, adding effects, finding music and despite the fact that i've emailed a gazzilion and one people, nonexistent press. golly, i hope this doesn't sound like a rant... to be honest, i thought about doing it on video... then i thought that i would have to watch my self and then edit it all down... how conceit... ewe... then again, i should make a freaking trailer or something explaining what this thing all about... and now after four eyed monsters and project pedal and make... i have to have a hand written intro... ugh!

so, back to the complexity of the situation. i see that no one else is going to elevate the same ideas that i see tightly intertwined. then again, i like being a behind the scenes. so, how do i combine the two? OR better yet how do i gain a sense of vanity. god, maybe i shouldn't be blogging this at all... (jb, maybe this is what i was really trying to say...) after reviewing the past five months of work, the following are things that i really have to do...

  • one, feel comfortable in front of the camera, which is something that i detest...
  • two, detach from myself to make a documentary, and record my actions that seem significant or insignificant...
  • three, keep true to the humble boy who on the playground would sit off in a field with a stick and a bumble bee...
  • four, think...

added complexity? i'm a gemini with a serious case of attention deficit disorder. no really, medically certified!

to some it might not mean much. to others, they set clocks by that &h1t. yet, to me it helps explain the duality to life. granted, this is not a black and white world, but at least i though this lenses i can see clearly. one side of me relishes conversation, excitement and perpetual mental stimuli. the second side, recoils and hides among the masses looking to be like everyone else.

when this project was first conceived, it was an attempt to regain a part of my life that had been lost to three years of political campaigning. then, i set my self free much earlier than i expected, but have now started to float into a unknown space. space that seems more philosophical than physical. theory more so than practice. love more than hate. distance more than connectedness. at the same time, i see the converse being also accurate... i'm more physically adventurous, practicing more than preaching, hating the world that doesn't understand the ramifications, and am now saying something that i should be telling my friends in private. all of this is for some grand metaphysical project that enviably will be more personal, private and adventurous than anything that i've ever done...

ok, that last statement isn't true. there are many things that i've done that i can not commit to admit for fear of the strong arm of the law, but at least it made me feel good. in the end, there are many things that i could be thinking about with the preface of "i wish i could be..."

in reality, i should be saying "do i really need to have..."

ps - go check out project pedal. it's got a good "four eyed monsters" feel... oh and more than likely, it will make it to SXSW '08 and be a huge hit. by the time my movie is ready to happen, this whole notion will be tired. i can see the wired crib right now...

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I'm blushing here - I've never been compared, side by side, with FEM before :) You've made my day.

Just wanted to let you know we have tutorials on our site and will soon be posting more about video editing and shooting. Would be glad to have you drop by, check them out and post any comments on our tutorials we have up if you have questions.
Good luck with your project,
Arin Crumley
Four Eyed Monsters

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