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777 FAQ

== '''the seven most commonly ask questions''' ==

'''Question 1.''' when do you leave?
Answer - 7 july 2007 or 07/07/07 - believe it or not it is the most commonly asked question.

'''Question 2.''' Where did you get such a fabulous idea?
Answer - the luck of seven, was created in january 2005 by noel hidalgo ( aka [ noneck] ) while talking to [ scott trudeau] at 250 Broadway, Suite 1930, New York, NY. then in december of 2006, noel met [ bre pettis] at a random bar and was given the proper jolt to reinvigorate the project.

'''Question 3.''' How do you plan on getting around and who are you going to stay in so many places?
Answer - That's really the beauty of this trip. This is a global participation project - so it's a bit of vanity, good faith, exploration and COUCHSURFING!

'''Question 4.''' How long do you plan on traveling? (Yes, this is a commonly asked question.)
Answer - Ahem, seven months... OR 215 days... OR 5160 hours... OR 309,600 minutes... OR 18,576,000 seconds....

'''Question 5.''' What happens if you don't reach $7777.00?
Answer - To be honest, that's not a fair question. I've dedicated my self to this project, and short of death or great illness, I will travel the world reporting to you.

'''Question 6.''' Are you really going to Antarctica?
Answer - YES! Failure is not an option.

'''Question 7.''' You're an idiot, the seven wonder of the world are gone.
Answer - [ The seven ancient wonder of the world] are gone, but society just keeps on creating new ones. The notion of them as physical locations are gone, but in spiritual terms they will always exist. I will try on visiting their former locations.

== '''others, but i had to keep up with the sevens don't you see''' ==

Question - There are many more seas than just seven. Which seas will you visit?
Answer - actually, there are seven oceans. i'll be visiting those.

Question - Where can I find more about seven and it's mysterious ways!
Answer - [ Wikipedia]

Question - What are some of noel's favorite things?
* favorite line from a film, "hey lady, i only know only two languages , english and bad english."
* known to ride motorcycles and scooters, just not in nyc.
* not related to noneck blues band, noneck's mussel car site, or noneck joe.
* birthday is 24 may 1978, and will not be celebrating on this trip.
* likes to use european formats for time, dates, and phone numbers, but really gets confused when he sees their measurements metric system.
* quite political and is known for his mispronouncing of words in a heated argument.
* loves coffee with milk and tea with sugar.
* since he never had a college graduation, he has planned this trip as to not miss his brother's.
* loves networking.

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on the luck of seven was an open-source, around the world project by noel hidalgo, a new york city based activist, organizer, barcamper and coworker.

for seven months, he traversed the globe. using a new media voodo (blog, vlog, wiki, flickr, couchsurfing, twitter, myspace, dopplr, and facebook), noneck harnessed the collective knowledge of the internet, and report on seven topics of freedom. this trip was funded by 253 people and supported, house, fed, and loved by countless others.

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