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feeling the drupal love?

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on monday, after i uploaded the iPhoneDevCamp video, my shared at dreamhost went craptastic. in complete frustration, i started sending out feelers looking for a hosting provider that loves Drupal. after emailing eric gunderson from development seed, he passed along the name of one Thomas Brenneke from networkredux.

Network Redux-1 if you have downloaded adium, imagemagick, or a fading red, you have used networkredux and did not know it! as supporters of an open source community, thomas jumped at the opportunity and has donated some rack space. over the next few days, we're going to flip the switch and move to networkredux.


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play a game and join the club!

"do you remember when things were really hummin' yeah let's twist again twistin' time is here!"

ah, how the words to that song always seem to twist me in the right direction. my good friends over at photogamer have a little twist to the game they've been playing. in celebration of spring, photogamer #6 says get out of the house and go someplace new and shoot five things (something tall, small, playful, something you are pointing toward, and the space above your head)... PLUS there's a bonus, "find the number 7 and take pictures of it!"

without a doubt, i'll be playing this weekend. will you?

this has been a good fundraising week, with $1,273.87 in the bank, which is a long way from $7,777.00. closing the fundraising gap is alone proving to be an interesting trip. rounding out this week, we have four new members have joined club 777! thank you so much!!!

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my twit on twitter

last night, eric, rachel, and amit had an impromptu-quasi-pannel about twitter. granted, twitter is currently the rage, but as some have stated that twitter is no different that dodgeball and others compare it to the early days of blogging/friendster/myspace.

in the pure basic terms, twitter is a novel approach to bridging the digital divide within technological devices. through a marriage of cell phone text messaging, instant messaging, desktop applications and a website. you have the power to choose, how, when, and whom can communicate with you.

why do you think john edwards is on twitter? if you have too many RSS feeds, then you monitor twitter for salient blog posts. if you have too many fickr contacts, then you wait until a friend posts something interesting from their photostream. if you're not into wading through the thicket of news sites, you subscribe to CNN, BBC or if you're interested in micro-loans you follow Kiva. like all new technologies, you can either be overwhelmed by information or think of how to harness information.

though there's one part of twitter that most people don't seem to discuss - simplicity through extensibility. with infinite possibilities, twitter in it self is a simple service. twitter would not exist if AIM and jabber did not have easy integration. the addiction to twitter would not exist if you could not get updates via your cell phone, instant messaging client, desktop application or on a website. conversely, twitter would not be popular if people didn't have an easy method to populate data into external systems. twitter would not be popular if they squelched their fandom and prevented people from discussing innovative ways to create via the twitter pbwiki, yahoo group,, IRC chat room, MoDaCo, or Flickr.

other bloggers may think they are cute by tying technology tools to UNIX commands, but as novel technology tools are introduced or shall i say reintroduced, one must think of their origin from within the construct of society. nothing was created in a vacuum. to me it's clear that we are no longer about the customer. our new world is filled with constituents. sadly too many of us think these are new methods of inclusion. in reality, these are old methods of inclusion that we forgot were key to our values and success. never forget our path of humanity - open communication, competitive dialogue, open competition, teamwork and most importantly personal relationships.

maybe i'm wrong for looking at the constitution of applications and only seeing them as community empowering tools.

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the big news...

working on the drupal...

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as some of you may know, i'm really a huge fan of drupal. if you haven't heard of drupal, it's an open-souce content management system. ok, so what does that mean? well imagine a chassis that's designed to go anywhere, do anything and have as many accouterments as possible.

since the release of Drupal 5.1, which i'll be upgrading to today, i've decided that it's time to think about the architecture of this site and see how many things i can utilize within the Drupal framework. most importantly is the wiki, which should be the most interesting (wikitools & pearwiki filter)... additionally, i'm also looking to add a countdown clock, pathauto (no more /node/232), Send and Mime Mail (a tell a friend feature), a notify feature, international pirate day translations, smileys ( those happy faces ) and i'll be rethinking the blocks on the right. why? cause photojojo is so hot!

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what's the focus

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yesterday, while my friend assisted in editing my first post, she kept asking me why are people going to care? from her point of view, everyone travels and writes about their journey. why would anyone care about this trip? after thinking about it, she is right i need to detail my rational for topics i will be covering...

the seven topics of freedom

  • free culture - originally a book by lawrence lessig. free culture is now a movement to break through the walled gardens of our minds and share information. if you scroll down to the footer, you'll see that this site is under creative commons. what does that mean? just like you have shared information with me, you can take this content and share it. as long as you don't make a profit; you are free to use this work. wikipedia on free culture.
  • free and open-source software (F/OSS) - there are many examples F/OSS, firefox, open office, wordpress, and drupal, just to name a few. (more on wikipedia) sadly there are only a handful of profiles and conversations of their products outside of their respective communities. as we will see, the agents of open-source software are diverse, eclectic, and highly lovable.
  • couchsurfers and bloggers - imagine opening up your house and letting a complete stranger sleep on your couch? believe it or not, there is a social network dedicated to couchsurfing. as an avid supporter of couchsurfing and people who share their life online, i am looking forward to the network of connections and a wealth of stories.
  • agents of progressive social change - if global agents of change are as unusual as my friends, their stories will be pure insanity. here's to the crazy ones!
  • barcamp & coworking - are two mimes espouse physical conversations organized through the internet. barcamp is a grassroots technology unconference where attendants are presenters and presenters are attendants. ironically, there is a workplace equivalent, coworking. coworking is a grassroots organized office with café culture. both mimes have demonstrated unbelievable levels of free thinking.
  • happenstance - happenstance is the art of random interaction. i bet you are thinking it is not possible to focus on happenstance. if you do not believe it, i will free your mind.
  • our environment - nature's beauty is quickly being consumed. i will spotlight locations and the people who are protecting them. my focus will be on the destruction we don't see on the evening news.

as you can see this project is about many things. many of these things i can no tolerate languishing on the back burner. if life is a fickle flame, i must let it burn brightly. last year at this time, i was stuck in a serious rutt. frequently, on my journeys, i quoted former fellow gemini henry kissinger, "there comes a time in every rightly constructed boy's life when he has a raging desire to go somewhere and dig for hidden treasure."

for the past few months, i've been hung up on the fact we are losing every element of our freedom. the world i knew as a child is not the same; the world i knew ten years a go is not the same. as the years move on and information becomes entertainment, we are enveloping ourselves in a world devoid of freedom. from nature and property, to rights and intellectual property, i see our lives slipping into an abyss devoid of alternatives.

chip in and help support the dig.

where will the luck of seven take me...

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I've been sitting on my inaugural post for too long. It's been over a year since I first conceived of this, and despite all of my work on paper, I still can't think of an opening. Time and time again, I mention the same words over and over... seven, seven, seven...

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on the luck of seven was an open-source, around the world project by noel hidalgo, a new york city based activist, organizer, barcamper and coworker.

for seven months, he traversed the globe. using a new media voodo (blog, vlog, wiki, flickr, couchsurfing, twitter, myspace, dopplr, and facebook), noneck harnessed the collective knowledge of the internet, and report on seven topics of freedom. this trip was funded by 253 people and supported, house, fed, and loved by countless others.

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