twitter doesn't work on USA pre-pay

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today, a sad note arrived in my inbox. now that i have my prepay t-mobile account, i'm pissed. txt into twitter works everywhere, but not in america... bitches.

Thanks for your email. Right now we're working on getting pre-paid service supported; at this time, most prepaid phones aren't supported, with the exception of phones using Virgin Mobile. This is because most pre-paid carriers don't support text messaging to short codes, and Twitter uses a shortcode (40404) to send and receive messages. Metro PCS may allow it in some occasions, and Tracfone should work soon, but other than that, it may take some time. Sorry about that, and thanks for your patience!

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I have been amazed at the level of backwardness North America suffers in the area of mobile phones.

Compared to Europe, Asia, Africa, it is just a no-contest.

- Most network providers are on CDMA, not GSM
- Locked handset to network providers
- Paying for incoming calls as well as outgoing ones
- You mostly can't buy just the GSM chip, rather have to buy a handset with it.

Even in Canada, where we have handset lock-in to network provider, Rogers Pay as You Go still allows SMS (really handy).

The monopolistic behavior of mobile phone providers is appalling.

Can you I/M to AOL from your phone? If so, can you set up the AOL account to I/M twitter?

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