Episode 13 - Dries on Drupal

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Recoded: 26 July 2007
Locations: Antwerp, Belgium
Tags: drupal, open source, linus torvalds, angela byron, history of drupal, kernel trap, inspiration, empowerment
Music: ana (captain planet remix), vieux farka touré and captainplanet
About: after much wrangling and rescheduling, dries and i finally caught up to talk about the history of drupal, his inspiration, and most importantly the empowerment of community.

important links to note...
- drupal.org
- groups.drupal.org
- buytaert.net
- kerneltrap.org
- slashdot.com
- amnesty.org
- greenpeace.org

on a side note, thank you OpenCraft for giving me a home to edit this video!
also, i'd like to thank dries and karlijn on their new boy and omar for his hospitality in cairo.

Hey Noel

Ignore the trolls. Do not feed them! They are having a lot of fun starting a flame fest.

You did not even know the music was Islamic or Quranic when you included it in the mix, until I recognized the words as Arabic (can't even make out the rest).

If anyone has a legitimate grievance, let them direct it to Vieux Farka Toure, who happens to be a Muslim from a Muslim majority country (Mali), where this unique structure resides.

thanks hommie! your support is well welcomed!

wow, threats even here. such a sad commentary when music and words... regardless of the content... can inspire such behavior... i still remember clearly... "sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never harm me".

Words are words... everyone is entitled to them... whether you like them or not. offensive or not. they are just words.

Be careful with the opening music you used - it is using a recitation from the Holy Quran in such a bad manner (mixing with music) that the music offend Muslims

dear anonymous,

thank you for pointing out cultural sensitivities, but i don't understand is it bad manner reciting the Quran with ANY music or just Vieux Farka Touré's music?

'cause if it's with ANY music then you have to understand my culture. nine times out of ten, quoting scripture in music is used as inspiration.

regardless of the situation, i think everyone should lighten up and think about the context...

in need of a good joke,
the American white devil

That should be kerneltrap.org, not kernaltrap.org.

thanks for the note. if you haven't noticed i have a problem with spelling things...

btw, kalid points out that the words in the song say "In the name of Allah, Oh our Lord, give us..." and then it cuts out... while it's just a coincidence, it's a very nice coincidence...

Not a coincidence

It SOUNDS like it wants to aggravate the Muslims

I for one is offended by the music (by Vieux Farka Toure)

Oh, this guy Vieux Farka Toure, got his own promotional MySpace account, he better be careful pissing off people with crappy music

dear anonymous,

it would be nice if you could place further context to your random and inflammatory remark. for the rest of the world, please feel free to visit http://ccmixter.org/vieux to make your own opinion.

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