episode 40. day 180, a new year.

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Recoded: 2 January 2008
Locations: Ushuaia, Argentina
Tags: julie jira, glacier, thoughts, new year resolutions, end of the earth, antarctica, adventure, ushuaia, argentina, video diary, luck of seven
Music: waiting for superman - iron and wine
About: back from her love affair with antarctica, julie jira (flickr) and i take to the slopes for a bit of new year climbing and more importantly glacier sledding! while on top of the mountain, i make some painful decisions about antarctica and make a new years resolution.

What a great adventure and in a way kinda glad that there is still an ending available ... really look forward to seeing you get to #7 whenthe time is right.

All the best to you.

My friend you have come and gone so far with such a positive mind and such a driven mission. I'm glad to have met you and look forward to your return to Htown. I love your determination and I know that you will make it to #7 soon. Maybe not on this trip, but on a subsequent one. Where there's a will . . .

thanks for all your support! i'm not too sad that the seventh was out of reach... i didn't wanna pay out the nose nor did i have time. if i was here for a month and a half, i would have found a way. i know now how to get to the end, but time is not my friend. in due time, we all find friends who connect all the dots.

ironicly, the guy who took me 4x4ing worked on the last boat that could have hooked me up. sometimes we are all ships passing in the night. :)

It's truly sad that you missed out on Antarctica. I emailed a few podcast celebs to try to drum up some kind of support, but to no avail. It would have been such a fitting way to get you to Antarctica. I also emailed the local Argentinian Embassy, but never heard a thing back. Still have an incredible journey to look back on and indeed look forward to finishing. Best wishes for the rest of your trip.


P.S. Any chance of being able to buy a nice DVD of all of these videos?

lol! a DVD!! oh yes, that's a great idea... i just need to find some time to make sure that i have all the right content!


That would be sweet if you could get those on DVD!

Poignant episode - gutted you won't make the trip to Antarctica - in the attempt you have succeeded more than you know!



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