war what is it good for???

the notion of a green war or a green army is foreign from today's depleted uranium tipped armaments and HUMMVEE's trolling the land scape, but the notion shouldn't be to far than the general nature of napoleon's art of war. granted we are still talking about the art of death, but as "developed nations" (quotes of irony) move to make force deployments nibbler, there should be investment in technologies that save resources. when you save deployment resources you save lives.

just think of all the money that's been used to develop new war capabilities. from tang, the space program to the internet, these are all residuals of a modern war machine. if the general premise is peace, and war is an actual last resort. then, eventually we should develop technologies to decrease casualties... i really don't think you can argue with the concepts of green jet fuel; lighter yet more durable materials to withstand impact, and hybrid heavy trucks. it is time we think different and start to reinvent every element of our society to be more green.

once we start, then i think we just might be living up to the title of a "developed nation."

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