why have a logo in latin?

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in last night's couchsurfing philandering, i was presented with the same question "why are you using a language you don't know? use something that you know..."

...and i won't write down the rest of the ridicule she shot out...

damn it, can't a man just want a sexy logo written in latin. why is it so hard to create an artist representation of what has festered for many years. my father and i have always discussed what should be on our modern family crest. we've debated for many years with little agreement.

why use latin?
there are too many reason to why i want latin, but i'll give you one... "plvs vltra"

in my mind, invoking latin is invoking all the spirits that have created who i am today. from roman legionaries to my ancestors who voyaged with christopher columbus on his second voyage. from my grandfather who never had a formal education and survived the brutality of the korean war to my mother who married a dream and traveled the world.

latin is THE romance language. i can not think of anything more poetic than a dead language that once "ruled the world."

ps - rotating languages is already in the mix. once the logo is framed, there will be an on going project to translate...

latin puts the "roma" in "romance"

Latin is not a romance language. Romance languages are those that evolved from it like Spanish, French, Italian et al.
Excuse my poor English.

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