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From Olaf
Second Glenn's Lamu rec below. its been 15 years since i was there, but it remains one of my favorite places. no doubt the tourist industry has grown, but all that swahili liberal islam and history, stray cats, donkeys, beautifully carved doors, inner courtyards with stairs going off in every direction, the empty beach on the outer side of the island a short walk or sail away..

In Australia, walk through the Valley of the Winds in the Olgas.


From Glenn

Lamu, Kenya; an island of the coast of Northern Kenya, beautiful, no
cars are allowed on the island which has an old stone town.

Zanzibar, Tanzania: an island of Tanzania, really interesting mixture of
Arabic, Asian and African cultures. Fantastic old stone Arabic stone

Kampala, Uganda: this capital is one of the most underrated but vibrant
towns of Africa

Okuwanga delta, Botswana: fantastic wildlife area, if you like hippos

Hargeisa, Somaliland; if you manage to get in (you can fly from
Djibouti), Somaliland is the peaceful part of Somalia (an old English
colony) and certainly worth a visit to witness the Somali way of life!


jjb says: i know a guy who reviews patent applications for the automobile industry, he is in the hague. let me know if you want me to get you guys in touch.

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